There is a growing movement in America that recognizes the tremendous ecological and resource burden of suburban lawns, which can use up to 60% of all water use outside the house. Add to that the billions of dollars of synthetic chemical fertilizers which are frequently overused and can cause serious long term damage to soil and to potable water tables.

Replacing commercially grown vegetables transported from remote locations with home-grown vegetable gardens can significantly reduce a family’s food budget, often with higher nutritional value and fresh-picked flavor. Each dollar invested in a home food garden typically returns $10-12 worth of produce, plus reducing the high costs associated with lawn maintenance.

Empac7 is the ideal formula for growing stronger, healthier more abundant and nutritious produce – up to 20% greater harvests for all crops, while simultaneously improving the soil with ideal nutrients for germination, maturation, and soil conditioning for future plantings. Empac7 accelerates Nature’s annual organic cycle, making your garden more sustainable faster, by recreating fertile topsoil and increasing soil conductivity in the growing layer.

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