YARD I-V Fertigator
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YARD I-V Fertigator – 15 Gal


Automated fertilizer injection tank for sprinkler systems

Automated fertilizer injection tank for sprinklers

For Residential and commercial operations, permanently installed on existing or planned automated sprinkler systems.

YARD I-V injects Empac7 automatically, on-schedule, and in the correct proportions.

Product Description

Automated fertilizer injection tank for sprinkler systems

For Residential and commercial operations.

The Yard I-V is the ideal way to maintain all of your fertilizing needs automatically, on-schedule, and in the correct proportions for YOUR growing needs. Connected to your existing sprinkler system. It consists of a tank of Empac7 concentrate, and automated controls for periodic fertilizing in the appropriate proportions for your lawn and garden. Various sizes to suit your needs – 2.5 gallons to 15 gallons.

If you do not currently have an existing sprinkler system, it can be connected easily.

  • DIY
  • your local gardener
  • one of our recommended landscapers/ installers in your area, who can also re-supply you with Empac7 refills,
  • one of our recommended Monthly “Greening service” providers who uses Empac7
  • Also available is the YARD I-V Hose Assembly which can connect directly to your MANUAL irrigation hose


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